I was wondering... Why is so difficult enjoy the little things? I mean, we know that is important to live and spend time with family and friends but we are not capable to do it, or at least to do it right.

For example, today I was taking for a walk my little dog, at first time I was so angry because obviously, I didn’t want to get out of the sofa and get cold. In the middle of the walk, my dog gets crazy and start to run faster than me. As a result I punch my face in a corner and mi mobile phone that was in my pocket, broke..

In first place I got so upset and sincerely I wanted to kick my dog, but then I though.. That’s happens to me because I was keeping my mind in others things and not in the time that I was living, in this case with my dog. And that’s happens with all things in my life.

I wonder about things that didn’t happen yet, or I waste my time in ‘social life’, watching series, playing candy crush o just talking with whatsapp. We not give the real value to things like, have dinner with the family, just because I had to study or I have to do some other stuff that I consider more important than that.  But we don’t think that maybe the next week you won't be with your brother or your father… life is always changing.

We take care of people that don’t take care about us, and with people that really worry about us, we take them for granted and It’s not fair. We have to know that life is just a summatory of moments, little and big moments. It’s important to keep that in mind. I know that maybe I’m  being repetitive, but it’s the true. Life it's what you make it, so make it right.
 With Love, 

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