Hello everybody! How it is going? I hope that fine. As I said before I’m gonna continue to showing you the places that I visited here in New York. This time I’m gonna show you the Museum of Natural History. It’s a perfect place to go with your family, friends or alone doesn’t matters!

It’s just amazing and huge! You can lose yourself inside. The space I liked the most was the sea and dinosaur, it’s really awesome. I was there with a friend and we were inside for almost three hours, we didn't have a map and of course we get lost many time but it was really funny because everytime we thought that we were lost, we found a nice space and we enjoy it.

The best thing is that is free, I mean you can go any time and just give whatever you want or whatever you can. Just nice!

I hope that you enjoy the photos and I’m absolutely convinced that this museum is the one of the best museum ever.

With love, 

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