Hi Everybody! ¿How are you? How’s the weekend gone? I hope that well. I’m sorry that I not wrote these days, I was so busy but now I’m here and I come with a challenge. Today is about puppies and kitties. I’ll try to say which of them I like most. You need to know that I’m not a kind of person that have animals , because I consider that it’s a big responsibility and I know that I would not be the right person of the world to do this kind of job. But from my little point of view about this style of life I will try to decide which one i would keep if one day I’ll be able to adopt one.

First of all, dog and cats seem in most ways the same, like in this case:

They two are adorable, but we know that they are really different. For example, cats are really independent pet , I mean, they can be out of house a thousand days and suddenly appear like anything happen, and you cannot get angry because they are the kings of the house, it’s like:

And if we talk about female cats, wow, that’s really crazy. They always get pregnant. WTF? Why don’t you just stop it? I start to understand why we say that some girls looks like female cats…*laugh*

On the other side, we have dogs. Oohh they are adorable, and destructive. The give us love, they are more affectionate and obviously homier than cats. And often only with their presence we feel calmer and peaceful. And many other you want to kill them because they have eaten your shoes or made poo under your bed, but just can’t get angry with because they look at you it that way and it is impossible to stay mad for a long time. *laugh*

In spite of everything I believe that cats are easier to breed than dogs thanks to their independence. They see us as their servants. Instead of dog, they are more affectionate, more dependent on us. They give us and we give them more love. From my point of view.

So, that’s what think about puppies and kitties. It’s depend on you to have one , but in the moment you decide to keep it, be aware that now a small animal will depend on you and you have to take care of him, feed and love him. It’s not a joke.

I hope that you like my today post. See you soon.


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